Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Southern Tier: Mokah Stout Shake

As you may know, Southern Tier no longer brews this beer. (ahhhhh man) I suggest substituting the Mokah Stout for a coffee stout or even a vanilla porter (mmmmm mmmm mmmm).

Yield: 6-8 (6-8 oz. servings)
Prep Time:   5 min.     

Dennis Keyes Photography

6 cups vanilla or coconut milk ice cream
3 cups chocolate or coconut milk ice cream
1 (16 oz.) Southern Tier: Mokah Stout

Combine vanilla and chocolate ice cream of choice in blender with Mokah Stout.
Blend until smooth and creamy.


**Serve with River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout Cake .