Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cucumber Hefeweizen

Last year my friend said he tried a cucumber wheat while in Colorado and loved it. While I was a little skeptical of the idea of cucumber in a beer, we decided to give it a try. This post is my third batch and what I think is the best so far. I have a great tasting hefeweizen recipe I use as the base.

Grapefruit IPA

Hello again. Second batch this summer is almost complete. I decided to make a grapefruit IPA after having a Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam IPA a while ago. That beer was awesome.

After searching around I found an IPA recipe that appeared be a good base to start with.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Honey Saison

IngredientsWell folks, brewing went into hibernation over the winter. My basement turned into a wood shop as I was constructing corn hole boards instead of brewing beer. Then, I was a little bummed out over having to install gutters instead of building a shed to clear out my garage so I could build my Brutus 10. The gutters hit the wallet hard so the Brutus 10 will have to wait another year. At least, I managed to dust of the brewing equipment and get a batch going.